How Can We Help?

Oliver Mortgage is proud to support clients across Canada and right here in the Okanagan. Led by Dan Oliver, a Kelowna mortgage broker, Oliver Mortgage has access to over 60 lenders throughout the country and a long track record of success.

“It’s about the client, not the paycheque.”

—Dan Oliver, Founder

Making Mortgages Easy

We meet clients where they are at, providing specialized support and solutions to make mortgages as easy as possible. We’re committed to clear and open communication, integrity and, ultimately, results. We’re not happy unless you are.

Our role is to find you the best lending options for your unique situation and goals and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.


Whether you are a seasoned homebuyer or you’re purchasing your first home, Oliver Mortgage is experienced in helping clients navigate the mortgage process. We handle the details so you can focus on making the very best decision for your future.

Mortgage Refinancing & Renewals

If your mortgage is coming up for renewal, it’s important to assess your options. You do not need to stay with your current lender. If your current lender has the best deal, great, let’s stick with them. If not, let’s try and find a mortgage solution that keeps more dollars in your pocket.

Real Estate Investing

If you’re looking to add to your property portfolio and invest in real estate, Oliver Mortgage can help you secure the financing that you need. Our experience and track record of success will help you turn your dreams into reality.

Unlocking Equity

If you’re a homeowner with equity locked into your property, you may be considering accessing the money in your home. We can help you unlock your equity with a mortgage solution that makes good sense for your specific situation.

Debt Consolidation

Re-evaluating your mortgage can be a useful way of paying off high-interest loans and eliminating credit card debt. If you’re looking to consolidate your debt by re-examining your mortgage, Oliver Mortgage can help.

Commercial Lending

The needs and requirements around commercial lending are substantially different than those in the residential market. We’re experienced in helping clients navigate this process, finding the best lenders and options for your needs.

Why Choose Us

  • Access to 60+ national and local lenders
  • +95% funding rate
  • Open communication, integrity and results

Have questions?

Book an appointment with Dan or start your application today. We’ll help guide you on the mortgage journey and make the experience as easy and stress-free as possible.