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Our team works with clients across the country and we’re fortunate to call Kelowna, British Columbia, in the sunny Okanagan Valley, home. Oliver Mortgage is part of the Compass Mortgage Group and has been providing mortgage solutions since 2010.

“It’s about the client, not the paycheque.”

—Dan Oliver, Founder

Why Choose Oliver Mortgage?

The Oliver Mortgage team is led by experienced Canadian mortgage professional Dan Oliver and has access to over 60 lenders and an incredible, near-perfect, funding history.

Dan and the team are dedicated to open communication, results and integrity, working hard to tackle any issues head-on and eliminate unwanted surprises before they crop up. Oliver Mortgage takes care of the details, so you can focus on making the best decision for you.

How Do We Make Mortgages Easy?

It starts with caring. Over the years, we’ve designed and refined a process that encourages our team to put customer service first. The Oliver Mortgage team is also committed to constant innovation. We embrace tools and technology that help achieve results as effectively and quickly as possible.

We’re with you every step of the way, and we’ll stick with you for the life of your mortgage and beyond.

Everyone is Welcome

From real estate investors to first-time homebuyers to those looking to consolidate debt and unlock equity in their property through to those looking for renewals or commercial lending, If you have mortgage needs, Oliver Mortgage can help.

Hi, I’m Dan.

I became a mortgage broker because I love working with people and solving problems. I believe that Oliver Mortgage is about helping people – financing is the byproduct and how we provide that help.

Getting to help people accomplish their dreams and ambitions is very rewarding. My best days are the ones where I get to see my clients accomplish something they didn’t know they were capable of or never thought they would.

Before becoming a mortgage broker in 2010, I had a successful career as an IT/network engineer, working with over 60 nationalities in the process. Those experiences are a huge part of our efforts to stay tech-savvy and utilize tools and automation that can make the mortgage process easy for our clients.

These days, Kelowna is my home. I spend my free time with my wonderful wife and our three kids, making the most of our life in the Okanagan Valley. In the winter, we head up to the ski hill and in the summer we hang out in the backyard or at the beach. Like many in the Okanagan, I keep trying to perfect my swing on the golf course.


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